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Say Hello to a better Resident experience with our Resident Center!

One of the features that I love about our Resident Center is the Hassle-Free Maintenance! Easily submit a maintenance request and attach photos of the issue, and get real-time updates concerning the status of your maintenance request. Let me say this again real-time updates! You will always stay in the loop, wherever you are!

Our Resident Center also offers Online Payments, never miss a payment again, make one-time or recurring payments while on the go and say goodbye to the late fees because you will always be able to pay on time. But if you would like to stop by the leasing office and say hello we accept checks or money orders!

One more thing that will make your life easier is our text message feature. If you are anything like me, life can get hectic and I tend to forget or be unable to make time to call to ask a simple question, the typical I will call later and later never comes. Now, you can text us your questions and you will get a real-time response from one of our staff members! On top of that, you will also get text message notifications regarding holiday hours, AC filter replacement, etc.

Our Resident Center is designed to keep you always in the loop and make life easier on the go! It even has a place for you to access all your lease contract paperwork right on the app!

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