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Free Reserved Parking In Front of Your Apt

It's kind of a big deal.

When reviewing a list of community amenities it is easy to look past Free Reserved Parking. It has a "hum-drum" ring to it. Parking is not a sexy concept - but let me tell you it only takes one time of hauling your groceries across a parking lot to swoon over the idea of Free Reserved Parking!

Not only is our Reserved Parking Free but it is located RIGHT IN FRONT of your building. YES! That is right - every unit's parking space is located immediately in front of the building. Again, you might roll your eyes at the emphasis of this very "boring" detail but when you get home late at night from dancing you really appreciate that not only do you not have to look for a parking space (again because it is reserved only for you :) but also that it is immediately in front of your apartment.

Many apartments offer Reserved Parking for an additional fee but they can not guarantee that the parking space that you are reserving is close to your unit. Which for me completely negates the idea of paying extra for a parking space. Again - if I have to haul my groceries across a parking lot, what am I really paying for?

So again let me repeat with a little extra gusto, we offer FREE Reserved Parking immediately in front of your unit! It's kind of a big deal. Out of all the fancy amenities that a apartment community can provide this is going to be one that you can't live without!

Schedule a tour and come check us out

- Cheers!

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